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About the Conference

International Conference in Engineering and Applied Sciences (ICEAS 2017) is the first conference held by the Red Sea University in Portsudan, Sudan, organized by Faculty of the Engineering. ICEAS2017 will feature a comprehensive technical program including keynotes, tutorials, and technical forms. The conference aim to gather professors, researchers, scholars, and industrial pioneers for exchanging the knowledge of the best experiences. All papers presented will be published as Special Issue in Red Sea University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (ISSN: 1858-7658)


ICEAS2017 will provide a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from academia to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research in the engineering fields and applied science. Also it will be an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people from across the country and around the world.


To Achieve a Green and Sustainable Organization

Registration Fees

(Presenter)LocalProfessional500 SDG

300 SDG

InternationalProfessional200 USD

150 USD

(Participant)200 SDG

* Student must submit proof of full time status



Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Communications Engineering, Civil Engineering ...

Pure Mathematics

Algebra, Calculus and analysis, Geometry and topology, Combinatorics, Logic, Number theory, Mathematical statements ...

Applied mathematics

Dynamical systems, Mathematical physics, Computation, Information theory and signal processing, Probability and statistics, Game theory, ...

Applied Sciences

Medical Physics, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Marine Sciences, Marine Fisheries, Coastal Management, Mining & Economic geology, ...